Practicing Pathologists Society, Rajasthan

Laboratories produce tests results that are widely used in Clinical and public health settings, and health outcomes depend on the accuracy of the testing and reporting.

If inaccurate results are provided, the consequences can be very significant, including:

  • Delay in correct diagnosis
  • Failure to provide the proper treatment
  • Additional and unnecessary diagnostic testing.
  • Unnecessary treatment
  • Treatment complications

These consequences result in increased cost in time and personnel effort, and often in poor patient outcomes. We plan to conduct educational sessions by creating a platform for the postgraduate students in pathology, Practicing pathologists, Physicians and the patients to improve the quality standards of the laboratory practice based on Good laboratory practices and Good clinical practices.


Our Vision

To see the pathologists serve people at their best.

Our Mission

To create awareness among doctors & patients about the importance of pathology in daily life.

Why Pathologist?

it was about the sense of discovery, the sense of making the unknown, known and helping people through the right diagnosis for the right treatment. As H.L. Mencken puts it, “to find out what has not been found out before”.

What Pathologists do?

The Importance of Pathologist’s diagnosis is paramount; the course of treatment, is entirely dependent on the impression of the pathologist.THE ULTIMATE CONSULTANT and DOCTOR’S DOCTOR.

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